Let's Tally!

Let's Tally is an online study conducted as part of the RECOGNITION project funded by the European Union.

Please contact Dr. Tobias Berka of the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge if you have any questions!

Real-time opinion polls with your friends!

With Let's Tally, you can decide where to have lunch, which dungeon to raid, or which blockbusters to watch with your clique. And you can help us find ways to measure and detect social behavior in online environments.

It's handy, free to use, and gives you full control over your data. And of course we're hoping that as many people as possible will occasionally take the time to quickly answer some of the questions after rating. So if you're willing to help us out with a scientific study, and if you'd like our help in figuring out where to meet your crew, sign up with your friends right here!

Rate stuff in real time - and help us advance science!

Create a discussion, type in some items, invite your friends and tell them to log in. You can rate and re-rate items in real time...

A screenshot showing a rating between you, Bob, Carol, Dave and Eve on lunch items, including pizza delivery, tex-mex van, pub lunch deal and sandwich shop.

About Let's Tally

Let's Tally is a study conducted during the EU research project RECOGNITION.

Please contact Dr. Tobias Berka of the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge if you have any questions!

Participants under the age of 18 require parental/care consent to use the service and participate in the study. The study will run from 7th of January to 25th of March, 2013. Participation is voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time by disabling their profile and/or deleting all associated data.

Your user name will be visible to others. We kindly ask you not to use your real name.

Please take good note of your password - we do not store e-mail addresses!

Confidentiality and Use of Data

This software is a web application that runs on a server operated by, and located at, the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. It collects and stores data for a scientific study. The data will be analyzed to better understand how opinions are formed within communities. All data is anonymized before the analysis. We discard all e-mail addresses and replace the user names with numbers before analyzing the data. The software stores the sequence and timing of rating and re-rating events, the participating users and the answers given in the questionnaires. The original data will not be released to the public. Only a statistical evaluation will be published. You can delete your user profile at any time, and you may request the deletion of all associated information.

Ethical Approval

The ethics committee of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge has approved this study.

Debriefing and Results

If you would like to know about the results of our study, please send us an e-mail so we can contact you after the study.